Wellbeing Webinars 2021 - 2022


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'Everybody's Business'

An introduction to wellbeing in schools and why it's 'everybody's business' - suitable for all staff / governors.

Our  webinar provides an introduction to wellbeing and resilience and looks at a whole school approach to wellbeing, and highlights the wide-ranging support available in Cornwall. 

  • Setting the Scene
  • Whole School Approach
  • Neuroscience
  • Wellbeing and Resilience – Relationships
  • Staff Wellbeing
  • Support / Resources

Staff Wellbeing 

  • A chance to reflect together on the role of supporting children, young people, and families, within the context of a pandemic.
  • Developing awareness of the impact of the pandemic on ourselves as professionals, on our own wellbeing, secondary trauma, and an increased understanding of professional vulnerabilities. 
  • Highlighting the importance of professional commitment to self-care, individually and as a whole organisational approach, and some strategies.  

Anxiety and Low Mood 

  • Understand the features of low mood and anxiety
  • Supporting recovery from low mood and anxiety
  • Supporting recovery using the 5 R’s approach
  • Introduction to models and approaches that support anxiety and low mood that compliment the 5 R’s
  • Increasing knowledge of support and signposting

Stress and Trauma

  • In this webinar we will provide some general knowledge about stress and trauma in relation to children and adults within the school context. We will share some practical approaches and resources to support teachers to meet these needs, particularly in the current context

Emotionally based school avoidance

  • The session will provide a brief overview of what is emotional based school avoidance is, including risk and protective factors and supportive strategies to consider as part of a whole school approach

Bereavement and Loss

  • The context of bereavement and loss during the pandemic
  • How schools can plan for supporting bereaved students and staff on return to ‘some normality’
  • A time to share with each other – feelings, tips, resources
  • To consider what more you need

'Watch and Wonder' (formerly known as ('Baby Watching') - Train the Trainer

Training to be a Babywatching Leader is held via Zoom, 3, 3-hour after school sessions with a little home-study in between. We are providing the opportunity for 10 schools per term to access this training and mentoring offer for free. 

'Watch and Wonder' is a highly effective, schools-based programme. A parent, and their baby, visit a class of children, once a week, for half an hour, so the children can watch the interactions between mother and baby, and their developing relationship. Guided by the Group Leader, who is often their teacher, this simple act of detailed observation reduces children's anxiety and aggression by increasing understanding and empathy. Children feel safer, more focused and ready to learn.

Emotion Coaching 

Emotion Coaching draws upon neuropsychology, attachment theory and focuses developing and maintaining relationships with children and young people to support their social, emotional and mental health and their learning and attainment.

ASD and Anxiety

Early identification and response to anxiety in young people with autism. Anxiety group resource pack and support to deliver a 6 week programme for primary and secondary schools.

Further details to be circulated. 

Developing a culture of supervision in schools

Many schools are realising the value of providing individual or group supervision for their staff to help them manage the emotional demands of their work. In the spring term we will be offering schools the opportunity to develop a whole school culture of supervision as part of their school wellbeing approach that is sustainable, using a framework that can be adapted to suit each school’s individual needs. We will be asking schools to register their interest in the Autumn term so please look out for further information in the Education Bulletins and the Headstart website.

TIS UK on demand webinars for practitioners and other staff

A series of 11 webinars for both practitioners and wider school staff. Available FREE to schools in Cornwall until July 2022. Sessions include Dan Hughes/ PACE, Early years and more. 

IMPACTS  - IMPortant ACTions Stick

A small group of, secondary age, young people involved with HSK Youth came to us with their thoughts on their experiences of wellbeing in school. They also requested an opportunity to communicate how they felt small changes could make a big difference.

Over time this developed into IMPACTS and their ‘call to action’ for schools. The YP made a video about IMPACTS and have subsequently helped to create a short online training module on the Cornwall Wellbeing Hub Moodle site.

Protective Behaviours

Protective Behaviours is a practical down to earth approach to personal safety. It is a process that encourages self-empowerment and brings with it the skills to raise self-esteem and to help avoid being victimised. This is achieved by helping individuals to recognise and trust their intuitive feelings (Early Warning Signs) and to develop strategies for self-protection. The Protective Behaviours process encourages an adventurous approach to life that satisfies the need for fun and excitement without violence and fear.

Introduction to the Resilience Framework and using 'Resilience Hero' in the Classroom 

'Resilience Hero' is an edutainment game developed by Cornish gamers, Luke and Hannah Anastasi, with HeadStart Kernow 

You play as a young person who has just moved to Frogsmouth: A Fictional town on the Cornish Coast. Armed with the Resilience Framework and aided by your talking dog, you spend a year making new friends, rising to meet new challenges and discover your strengths as you become the ultimate Resilience Hero! 

TIS UK on demand webinars for practitioners and other staff

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