Introduction to Wellbeing - 'Everybody's Business'

An introduction to wellbeing in schools and why it's 'everybody's business' - suitable for all staff / governors.

One session per term in this academic year. See our training pages to book this or future sessions

Our  webinar provides an introduction to wellbeing and resilience and looks at a whole school approach to wellbeing, and highlights the wide-ranging support available in Cornwall. The session looks at:

  • Setting the Scene
  • Whole School Approach
  • Neuroscience
  • Wellbeing and Resilience – Relationships
  • Staff Wellbeing
  • Support / Resources

Session Resources

Session recording (24.01. 22)

Session Recording (24 01 22) 


Session recording (07.10. 21)

Wellbeing Webinar Intro session 07 10 21


Presentation Slides

Presentation slides (edited for 24.01.22) pdf

Presention Slides pdf

NASEN Recovery, re-introduction and renewal document


EPS Emotion Coaching Videos

 Roosje and Rachael, two of our Educational Psychologists, have produced a series of videos on emotional coaching.

Over the five films they will explain about some of the tools you can use to support young people.


Whole School Approach 

Online tools and resources to support a WSA in Cornwall (on this site) 

IMPACTS -  IMPortant ACTions Stick. Young people in Cornwall have created a short online training module to highlight why wellbeing in schools is 'Everybody's Business' created for all school staff / governors. NEW for 2022

How Mentally Healthy is Your School? - A Simple Audit - The 6 Litmus Tests from the workbook above in a short audit tool. 

The Recovery Toolkit - Created by the Educational Psychology Service in partnership with Headstart 

The Mentally Healthy Schools Workbook by Dr Pooky Knightsmith (this is the resource where the 6 Litmus Tests are explained in more detail) - If you are interested in finding out more about the resource. Contact Us 

Start Now Online Wellbeing & Resilience Action Plan - created by Young People in Cornwall for Young People in Cornwall 

Download a copy of a blank Wellbeing & Resilience Action Plan 


Dan Siegal video 

Stress on the Brain video (


Brain Chemicals

Love these simple ideas for boosting 'happiness chemicals' from Tina Rae 

Brain Chemicals

Wellbeing and Resilience 

Five Ways to Wellbeing (by YP involved in HSK) 

Staff Wellbeing 

Education support line 

No matter what you’re feeling, our free, confidential helpline is always here 24/7 with trained counsellors here to listen and help you find a way forward. Please do contact us if you need to.  Our Helpline number is 08000 562 561.

Control, influence, accept model (pdf) 

Take What You Need Tokens  - Dr Karen Treisman (more great resources on her website)

Here is a lovely way one school used the tokens: 

8 ways to improve staff wellbeing - Dr Pooky Knightsmith

Covid-19 and the classroom - staff wellbeing   (impact report from education support line) 


A fabulous webinar from Pooky Knightsmith and a lovely guide too

Click for further staff wellbeing resouces

Why Mindfulness is a superpower... (

General Resources

Links and Resources list (from the original DfE material - pdf

Our Headstart You Tube Channel is full of great wellbeing vidoes for C&YP and staff wellbeing 

Virtual Ring Binder

The VRB is a searchable online resource bank to support mental health and wellbeing work in Cornwall.

Resources specifically referred to in the webinar can be found by searching using the tag 'SameStorm' .(to be completed) 

 Join the Hub - Schools MH&WB Learning Network



(Resources from 2020/21 sessions can be found here)

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