HSK / TIS SLT Consultancy offer

The visits, carried out experienced independent education consultants on behalf of HSK / TIS, are intended to support your school. The day provides a chance for SLT to reflect on the emotional wellbeing support in school, the ‘Universal Whole School Approach’ and how the school is developing TIS practice in school.

The day will be based on a self-assessment implementation checklist and programmed so that you are able to make best of the challenge provided by the consultant and implement practical solutions to help overcome barriers and difficulties. 

The consultant will review day to day practice – spending time with students, staff and SLT members and observing the school day and relationships within the school community. 

The school will receive feedback at the end of the day and a comprehensive report soon after.

The Headstart School Support Lead will be a part of the day and work closely with you to link to help you make best use of the HSK resource in Y3 and think ahead to sustainability beyond Headstart. 

Feedback from schools who have had the consultancy have found it a positive, practical and supportive experience:

"Good to be able to take time to reflect on where we are at..."

"Definitely not an inspection!"

"It confirmed what we knew about what we need to focus on in the future"

"Reminded us of all the good things we've got in place"

"Great help in our (HSK) Y3 planning" 

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self-assessment / report template 

HSK SLT consultancy information for schools