'Resilience is...' Vox Pop

As part of our work to support schools and young people we are planning a focus on Resilience using the "Resilience Framework" developed by Angie Hart et al at 'BoingBoing'.

The work will include resources for school staff; an online resilience game; resilience resources for young people and more.

As a start we are hoping to engage as many 10-16 year olds (and school staff!) as possible to share (vox pop style) what they think "Resilience is..."

This can be:

  • Written (using the template attached)
  • Recorded on a smart phone / tablet (film or audio)
  • Recorded on our RUOK Talk page on the StartNow website: www.startnowcornwall.org.uk/r-u-ok/ruok-talk/

Contributions can be sent to: headstartyouth@cornwall.gov.uk

You can find out more about the Resilience Framework and our planned work: