The Connect Card for 10 - 16 year olds in Cornwall created by young people for young peopleConnect card sample 

Introduction: started life as part of the work on the online bullying / grooming animation made as part of the Child Exploitation Awareness Campaign (#CETheSigns). YP wanted something that would be handy, worth keeping, attractive and discrete.

There are 3 different cards all of which have been designed by young people. As well as something to keep in their wallet / ‘phone they also suggested a key fob which has been included.

Purpose / Links / OpportunitiesConnect landing page mock up

  • Handy reminder “You’re not alone...” encourage help seeking.
  • Focused information (specific messages / specific times) and bringing together areas of extension plan priorities (e.g. CEA / Recovery and Resilience / PBs / IMPACTS / Transition / Peer Support / inclusion / engagement)
  • YP access to opportunities in their local area (e.g. local offers / incentives) inclusion, belonging etc.
  • YP route to have voice heard (e.g. consultations / surveys / Speakpipe etc.)
  • Peer supporter link use.
  • Shared resource with TFF / CC and wider partners (sustainability / legacy)
  • Flexibility – follow emerging opportunities

Landing Page

The card has a QR Code which links to a landing page on the Start Now website. Iteracy have created a new layout option for use on this page.

We want to keep this fairly simple so there will a series of ‘Tiles’ that will provide onward links both on Start Now and externally. We will invite partners to highlight content / messaging they would to share. This can be specific time limited info or longer term signposting. Sections to include:

  • Information about wellbeing and mental health
  • Signposts to support
  • Info about fun stuff in your local area (e.g. including ideas around 5 Ways to Wellbeing)
  • Free stuff / competitions / consultations ‘get involved’.


We will launch / distribute the card at the beginning of term. To help promote the card we'll be offering a FREE Back to School Wellbeing Pack to the first 1000 YP (from Y6 / Y7 / Y8) who claim via the Start Now website. 

Get involved 

If you would like #ConnectCards to distribute to young people (10-16) contact us

If you would like to add links / information for your organisation or activity to the #ConnectCard landing page please complete the short form attached 

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