Attending a Microsoft Teams Live Event

 It should be straightforward to attend a Microsoft Teams Live Event. You can access tthe session via your web browser...

Except Safari does not support Microsoft Teams Live Events.

If you are planning to join the webinar on an ipad or iphone - use Google Chrome, if installed or download the Free Microsoft Teams app from the App store. Open the app before clicking on the meeting link sent. 

It is possible to check the link before the session is due to start - it will load with a screen with the title / date of the session and a message saying "The live event hasn't started".  

During the Webinar

Your cameras and microphones will be disabled. There will be a Q&A area - so please type any comments or questions in there. All questions and comments will be replied to during teh session or followed up afterwwards. 

There is more information about Teams Live Sessions on the Microsoft site here

Short overview video (attending a Teams Live Session) 

If you need any help / advice get in touch  (using the contact form provided)