Staff Wellbeing Spring 2021

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Staff Wellbeing Support

Education support line 

No matter what you’re feeling, our free, confidential helpline is always here 24/7 with trained counsellors here to listen and help you find a way forward. Please do contact us if you need to.  Our Helpline number is 08000 562 561.

Schools Advisory Service

This is a staff absence insurance company and there is a cost involved but we’re told by heads using them that they have an excellent staff wellbeing package.


A Head / CEO specific support line set up by retired, experienced headteachers to listen and offer peer support.

Suggested resources

Useful websites, tools, resources and books

Take What You Need To

kens  - Dr Karen Treisman (more great resources on her website)

Here is a lovely way one school used the tokens: 

Picture of Karen Treisman's 'Take What You Need Tokens

8 ways to improve staff wellbeing - Dr Pooky Knightsmith

Covid-19 and the classroom - staff wellbeing   (impact report from education support line) 


A fabulous webinar from Pooky Knightsmith and a lovely guide too  (pdf)



Wellbeing Measurement for Schools - Staff Survey PDF (published March 2021 by Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families)