Wellbeing Measurement Tools

To support the understanding need and monitoring impact area of the WSA, wellbeing measurement tools can provide a useful insight into the wellbeing of students. 

Background reading / resources 

Measuring Wellbeing in Schools

An excellent blog from What Works Wellbeing. The blog introduces recent work on children and young people’s subjective wellbeing and marks the publication of a comprehensive bank of measures of children’s wellbeing. It is a massive peice of work and a rather daunting excel spreadsheet! but if you want to check out a specific measure you can look it up. . It is accompanied by a very useful user guide. (worth reading to find about more about best practice in undertaking wellbieng measurement. 

Using measurement tools to understand pupils’ mental health needs:a guide for schools and colleges Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families (pdf)

Measuring and monitoring children and young people’s mental wellbeing: A toolkit for schools and colleges Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families et al  (pdf)



Boxhall Profile

The Boxall Profile is an online assessment tool for social emotional and behavioural difficulties for children and young people. Often used as part of Nurture provision in schools.

Information booklet: The Boxall Profile For the assessment of children and young people’s social emotional wellbeing

Online. Cost involved

Good Childhood Index

The Good Childhood Index is the index of subjective well-being for children aged eight and over. It was created by the Children’s Society in 2010. They wanted to develop an index of children’s well-being that is statistically robust and covers the main aspects of children’s lives, including those identified by children themselves.

Paper version. The short version is freely available to schools to use. (and user friendly) 


Motional is an easy-to-use online tool for identifying, assessing, and improving the emotional health and wellbeing of children and young people.  It can record ACE and Protective Factor scores where required and gives staff a whole-brain picture of students' mental health and wellbeing. Motional has been widely available in Cornwall as part of the TISUK training funded by HSK. 

Online. Cost involved

Pupil Attitudes to Self and School (PASS)

PASS help you to understand the whole pupil by screening for hidden issues of low self-esteem, barriers to learning, mental health and emotional difficulties.

Online. Cost involved

Schools' Health Education Unit (SHEU)

SHEU offer health and wellbeing questionnaires for young people in every phase of education, online or on paper. It covers physical health and mental wellbeing.

In recent years the PH Team in Cornwall / Healthy Schools have used the survey in both secondary / primary schools.

paper / online. Cost involved. Maybe be free from Cornwall PH when used biennally. 

Wellbeing Measurement Framework

In collaboration with colleagues from CORC, the University of Manchester and Common Room, EBPU have developed the Wellbeing Measurement Framework (WMF), a suite of measurement tools for primary school, secondary school and college students.

Each WMF tool contains a set of validated questionnaires (tailored to each age group) that assess constructs such as positive wellbeing, behavioural or emotional difficulties, the presence and strength of protective factors such as perceived support at school, home and in the community, and ability to deal with stress and manage emotions.

The WMF has been used as the evaluation tool for Headstart areas across the Country over the last 5 years. More information about the WMF in Cornwall.

WMF Primary booklet

WMF Secondary booklet

YP and the Wellbeing Measurement Framework in Cornwall

Online. Cost involved. 


Other Links

Turnaround for Children - Wellbeing Index

Each student has unique strengths and needs that are dynamic and guide how they engage and learn. Educators informally try to assess how students are doing with quick chats in the hall or through the observation of behavior, and this may give educators some information – but it’s challenging to know exactly what’s happening with every student, every day. The Well-Being Index (WBI) is a tool designed to help educators collect holistic student data – physical, social, psychological and emotional well-being – systematically, directly, quickly and in real time. 

This is a wellbeing measurement tool created in the USA so the tools are designed for elementary / secondary settings.  It is freely available (if you sign up to the site for free) and comes with user guides and scoring tools


An online mental health and wellbeing survey platform designed for schools.Cost involved




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