Name it to tame it

‘Name it to tame it’ includes activities to help children recognise, name, understand and manage their emotions. And to help them see feelings as simply feelings - not 'good' or 'bad' - just feelings. It's how we manage feeling like anger or fear that's important.

The ability to recognise, understand and manage emotions can help children to cope and keep themselves safe in a difficult or frightening situation. 

Why 'name it to tame it'? 

The memorable "Name it to tame it" was coined by Dr Dan Siegel. He explains that the more you notice and name your feelings the easier they are to manage. Dan Siegel is also responsible for the the brilliant Hand Model of the Brain to explain what happens when we 'flip our lid'.

An understanding of the neuroscience is important to help us understand our feelings and emotions. Something even young children understand through things like 'The Hand Model of the Brain' and 'Flipping Our Lid'

Name it to Tame It! activities in Brilliant ME! include:

  • Activities to help children recognise and name different emotions - building a vocabulary of feelings words.
  • Mood trackers to help children become more aware of their emotions on a regular basis and how their emotions change over time.
  • Exploring why we feel our feelings and ways to manage them.


Exploring Feelings with Fish Finger

A fabulous and funny film about fish, friendship and feelings... written and created by Bradley with a bit of help from the awesome artist and animator Hannah Anastasi ( and some support from Headstart Kernow Youth as part of #StartNow.


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