Building resilience
and mental wellbeing for children and young people

FREE access to Creative Education Parent and Carer Online Courses

Many schools have told they are worried about the wellbeing of parents and the impact it may have on their children - help them help themselves and their children with this brilliantly simple way to involve parents and carers in your wellbeing work in school.

Headstart Kernow working in partnership with Pooky Knightsmith / Creative Education are pleased to offer free access for parents and carers in Cornwll and IOS to the Creative Education on demand sessions for parents and carers.

All the sessions in the growing range of video courses provide new insights and perspectives on caring for children to help them grow up healthy and happy. They range from a 5 minute look at transitional objects as sources of comfort to a 25 minute session on supporting children with friendship issues.

Other sessions include helping anxious children feel in control, supporting children during exams and more in-depth looks at topics such as self-harm, eating disorders and many others. 

Sample: (sample from one of the ever free sessions on the platform) 

There are courses suitable for parents and carers of primary and secondary age children and courses can be accessed on any device, anywhere, anytime.

How Does it Work? 

We have 10,000 FREE places.

Schools can request a link / QR Code to freely share with parents and carers. And, of course, you and your staff / governors are more than welcome to sign up too. And use the sessions in school with parents / carers if useful for you to do so or to demonstrate the resource to parents and carers. 

(We can also allocate 'seats' in blocks of 100 to specific schools / settings. We can provide some (anonymised) information about number of places taken up and an overview of courses accessed.

The offer is intended to complement other support for parents offered by HSK and colleagues

It also complements our existing Cornwall Wellbeing Hub full and free access for all school staff / governors / partners to the professional on-demand courses / live learning / resources / pathways on wellbeing and more. 

Page last updated: 12 May 2023

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