Whole School Approach - Self-reflection Tools 

Here we provide information on / access to a range of audit tools we hope will meet a range of needs and support individual schools. We believe in an asset-based approach to audit - enabling you and the school community to recognise and celebrate what's in place and working well already... We also recognise that every school is different. This is why we include information on a range of approaches / tools.

We have created two online tools freely available to schools 

A quick and easy 'Litmus Test' 

(using the one created by Dr Pooky Knightsmith in the Mentally Healthy Schools Workbook

Six Questions, 'gut reactions', on a scale of 1 to 10 and an opportunity to quickly engage and involve stakeholder groups - C&YP, staff, parents, governors et al that will help identify strengths and areas to focus on. and identify where the priorities of different stakeholders are. Plus an option to print a summary report saved each time you do it.  

Rapid Self-Assessment

Slightly more in-depth that the Litmus Test focusing on some specific aspects of the PHE 8 priniciples and created with Cornwall in mind. A summary report is saved each tiime you complete the RSAT.

Access the online tools

NB The online tool is only available to schools in Cornwall. Please contact us if you would like a login / password (using a school / setting e mail address) 


SWAN Reflective Tool

Supportive, Welcoming, Altogether, Nurturing using a Graduated Response. 

(originally developed by the Education Psychology Service and Headstart Kernow as part of a post Covid Recovery Curriculum - currently being updated)

The Resilience Framework / Academic Resilience

The Academic Resilience Approach (ARA) is a whole-school-based community development model designed by Angie Hart and Lisa Williams with input from school practitioners and young people. It aims to equip schools with the tools to support students to overcome adversity and improve their mental health, and, in turn, educational outcomes. It is based on the Resilience Framework

Other reflective tools that may be of interest

Reflect on your setting’s existing approach to mental health and wellbeing - you can use:

There are now a number of MH in School Awards  that use an audit tool as the basis for the awards. We have some more information about some of the awards here.


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