Moving beyond C-19: a Virtual Ring Binder


The period of the coronavirus lockdown throughout April and May 2020 has been unprecedented in any of our lifetimes, and the closure of schools to the vast majority of children during that time has presented new challenges. The response from hundreds of professionals from a wide range of settings has been to come together to share ideas, resources, and expertise in supporting our young people and their families across Cornwall. We have seen genuine multi-agency, inter-professional collaboration where every conversation and meeting has had one sole focus – supporting the young people and families of Cornwall during this extraordinary time.

The need to follow the latest guidance on ‘staying alert and safe (social distancing)’ means that we are all living and working in unusual ways. Many of us are operating without certainty and, often, without access to our usual support networks – whether that’s through work or at home through friends and family.

This can create feelings of stress and anxiety; during what is already an unpredictable time. You may experience feelings of fear, irritability, insecurity or being unsettled. You may also feel like you have a lack of control, experience trouble sleeping or eating, and are excessively checking for symptoms. Social distancing and/or shielding may also make you feel bored, frustrated or lonely, which can heighten these feelings further.

Remember that it’s OK not to feel OK at the moment and there may be ideas to support you in these pages.

This 'Virtual Ring Binder' draws together the fruits of that collaborative labour so that the inter professional expertise is available to all workers in their support of young people, wherever they may work as lockdown starts to be eased and we move into the next phase.

Most of these resources are freely available but some organisations encourage a voluntary donation to help continue their work.

We hope this resource provides useful and supportive information. However, please note that signposting to some of these organisations is not an endorsement of them by Cornwall Council. This is a live document and will be updated as we go along.

Children and young people
Parents, carers and families
Education Professionals
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