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and mental wellbeing for children and young people

Parents and Carers 


Cornwall Council have a dedicated area for advice and information about wellbeing for children and families

Start Now has lots of info and ideas for young people created by young people

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SPACE (Supporting Parents and Children Emotionally)

What Is SPACE?

A collaboration between Headstart Kernow and Rock Pool CIC, SPACE is a train the trainer programme for professionals to facilitate a 5-week programme to groups of parents/carers and/or children/young people. 

Overview of the SPACE Programme for adult participants The universal Parent & Carer Programme uses a psycho educational model to educate and inform parents/carers on the Trauma Informed Approach and why children behave the way they do and how, as adults, we can support them. 

The Children & Young People Programme supports the building of knowledge and learning throughout the programme to help children and young people gain a good understanding of the importance of emotional health, wellbeing in relation to themselves, others and their family.

More about SPACE 

Solihull parenting programmes free to parents in COIS
2a - Devon and Cornwall 
2b - Devon and Cornwall 


Increased vulnerability and hidden harm

Page last updated: 26 April 2023

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