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What Is SPACE?

by Ness Little HSK Parent support coordinator 

SPACE was created to help parents understand what is meant by a Trauma Informed approach and to familiarise them with the Trauma Informed language being used in schools and across organisations who are working with and supporting their children. 

A programme intended for all parents SPACE aims to provide information to parents, raising awareness of trauma and how that can affect both children’s and adult’s emotional behaviour.

SPACE is a new offer for professionals working with parents and carers that does not replicate any other parenting intervention currently available in Cornwall.

Building on current trauma informed training and practice already being delivered across the county SPACE provides an accessible, flexible toolkit of high-quality resources for professionals, enabling them to work with groups of parents and carers. 

SPACE is a relationship-based delivery model which actively advocates and promotes working in partnership alongside parents. It helps support them in recognising the impact of adult behaviours on children, and how they can develop protective behaviours and resilience in both themselves and their children. The programme recognises that each participant may be shaped but not defined by their experiences, and that there is always capacity for change.

A universal programme intended for all parents, SPACE supports in the building of knowledge and learning that promotes a good understanding of both children’s and adult’s emotional health, wellbeing and behaviour and how life experiences can influence this. With particular emphasis on the maintenance of positive emotional, mental health and wellbeing for the whole family, SPACE also providing parents and carers with take away strategies to implement at home.


Once trained, facilitators will be able to deliver a 5-week education programme to groups of parents/carers offering practical activities and insights into the neuroscience behind trauma, attachment theories, toxic stress responses and why protective factors are important.

Addressing topics such as:

  • Biological Stress responses
  • Impact of ACEs and trauma
  • Attachment theories and nurturing parents
  • Understanding behaviour and resilience
  • Protective behaviours
  • Child development milestones
  • Managing difficult emotions
  • Importance of self-care and nurturing children
  • Healthy relationships

 *Note – SPACE has been designed to enable facilitators to deliver to groups of parents/carers. The activities and sessions included within the programme would make this toolkit unsuitable for use in 1:1 work

Outlined below are upcoming training dates:

15th – 16th of June

20th – 21st of July

16th – 17th of August

21st – 22nd of September

19th – 20th of October

For additional dates and to book your FREE place on SPACE facilitators Training go to: SPACE - Headstart Cornwall - Rock Pool Life C.I.C


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