SPACE - Supporting Parents and Children Emotionally

What Is SPACE?

by Ness Little HSK Parent support coordinator 

Before COVID 19 we had developed and were piloting a new group programme: SPACE - Supporting Parents and Children Emotionally. A result of an exciting collaboration between Headstart Kernow and Rockpool.

SPACE was created to help parents understand what is meant by a Trauma Informed approach and to familiarise them with the Trauma Informed language being used in schools and across organisations who are working with and supporting their children. 

A programme intended for all parents SPACE aims to provide information to parents, raising awareness of trauma and how that can affect both children’s and adult’s emotional behaviour.

Adapting SPACE for the lockdown

We understand that lots of parents will be feeling worried right now, feelings that are completely normal.

To help support you during COVID-19, we have created a series of factsheets based on the SPACE sessions, designed to offer some support and strategies, whatever your situation, and are based on what we know about people’s responses to traumatic events and what can help.

Each factsheet explores how parents can better emotionally support themselves, their children, and suggests simple, tangible tools that can be used at home to benefit the whole family


Supporting Resources

All Factsheets include links to websites, blogs and video’s to help embed the messages and provide additional mediums for digesting the information.

Additionally, we have included PDF’s of postcards that along with the fact sheets can printed off to keep and refer back too. See SPACE attachments

Live Q and A sessions for parents 

To further support families and complement release of the factsheets we will be running weekly Q&A Webinars for parents.

Sessions will run every Monday from 2.30pm - 3.30pm.

Links to the first 5 sessions are highlighted below

To sign up and join any of our online webinars follow the links below. Each session provides Parents with an opportunity to ask questions and talk through some of the positives as well as the challenges of parenting during lockdown.

20th April;

27th April;

4th May;

11th May;

18th May;

For more information about SPACE contact  Mobile: 07483 351382


SPACE Attachments

Fact Sheet One - Being Safe 

Some indications of the fight or flight response for Boys

Some indications of the fight or flight response for Girls


Fact Sheet Two - Keeping Connected

The teenage brain and emotions 


Fact Sheet Three - Understanding Resilience

Denzel’s 5 ways to Wellbeing

The latest calendar offering from Action For Happiness – Meaningful May.


Fact Sheet Four - A nurturing Environment 


Fact Sheet Five - Understanding emotions and healthy relationships