Building resilience
and mental wellbeing for children and young people

Twilight Sessions

These sessions are designed to further embed facilitators knowledge and support confidence in delivery.  They are delivered live via Teams and an invitation and link is sent to all SPACE Facilitators.  We'll host the recordings here the day following the live event.

Twilight Sessions Schedule 2024-25

Session 1   Understanding Change Theory in relation to SPACE

Session 2   Why good facilitation skills are key to engaging parents/carers, children and young people (postponed)

Session 3  Understanding the theory behind freeze, flight, fight and it's link to stress

Session 4   Delving into ACES - Understanding adversity and it's potential to impact on attachment

Session 5   Maslow and Protective Factors

Session 6   Rupture - Repair (and Reflect) Cycle

Session 7   Exploring risk and supportive coping strategies

Session 8   Understanding child development.  How this influences child behaviour and managing parental expectation

Session 9   DULUTH Model - Nurturing children to help them thrive

Session 10 Healthy Relationships.  Supporting families to talk about feelings and emotions


Page last updated: 22 July 2024

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