Local Learning from HeadStart Kernow

This is where you will find local learning reports from HeadStart Kernow. We report on the effectiveness of HeadStart interventions, new engagement tools and research methods. This page is being continually updated when new reports become available. For the national evaluation see the WMF data page.

Access for children and young people to support when/where they need it

HeadStart Kernow commissioned The Learning Partnership for Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly (LPCo) to deliver the HeadStart Community Facilitator contract between January 2018 and December 2020. This interim report, produced by the HeadStart Kernow Learning Team within Cornwall Council uses case-studies, Outcome Star data and management information to demonstrate the impact of 1-1 youth support.

Adapting services during the Coronavirus pandemic: The HeadStart Community Well-Being Service Summer programme 2020 report describes how this service adapted to the pandemic. Key learning covers: the involvement of young people in adapting the programme; the positive impact of having an agile 'test and learn' approach; the importance of communication; the various collaborative working opportunities; and how the service indirectly benefited greater numbers of young people and their families.

The HeadStart Community Well-Being Service Return to School July 2020 report provides a snapshot of how young people felt about returning to school following the March 2020 national lockdown. It covers: levels of engagement with support services; anxieties around returning to school; feedback from young people on what would make going back to school easier for them.

Embedding children and young people's emotional health and wellbeing across the system

In Cornwall we data-link the annual Wellbeing Measurement Framework results with locally held data to make improvements to the services we provide to children, young people and their families. Using data in this way helps embed wellbeing across the system. A case-study produced by CORC describes our approach.

Involving children and young people meaningfully

This case-study describes an eight-week online co-researching project conducted during summer 2020 at the time of the Coronavirus pandemic. It describes the HeadStart Kernow (Cornwall) experience of participation in the multi-partner research project ‘Nothing About Us Without Us’ and identifies key learning for local authorities and academic institutions who are planning to work in partnership on a co-researching project.

In early 2020 HSK worked in collaboration with Falmouth University, Ambitions and Young People Cornwall to test an interactive software programme as an alternative youth engagement method to review the Mental Health for Life website. The report highlights the challenges and opportunities of this software.  

Test and Learn from across HeadStart Kernow

The Online Resilience Tool is one example of the products developed for professionals by HeadStart over the course of the programme. It is based on extensive research with children and young people on how to support them navigate the online world.

Children and young people in Cornwall helped develop a new Outcome Star specifically designed for use in early intervention services that aim to prevent the onset or development of mental illness, and to fill the gap before a mental illness is diagnosed. The My Mind Outcome Star is useful for measuring and supporting change as it uses person-centred, strengths-based and co-production approaches. 

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Working in and with primary, secondary, special and alternative provision schools

Workforce development and wellbeing

The importance of a trauma informed approach and supportive relationships