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important update from the Bloom Team - May 2024

Firstly, we’d like to thank you for your continued support and show of confidence in the BLOOM professional consultations. They have proved a huge success and have provided a significant number of professionals the space to collaboratively think together about the children and families they support, with the guidance of CAMHS staff, Psychologist and Headstart staff.

It is due to this level of success that we are needing to place a pause on all new referrals. We currently have professional consultations booked right through until the end of the summer term. We anticipate we will be able to share further communications before this time.

We thank you again for your continued support, and patience.

Kind wishes,


May 2024

Bloom Professionals Consultation meetings - relaunch

Over summer 2023 we worked hard to review, rebrand and finally we are now able to launch the Bloom offer.

This offer will see Bloom go back to its original and intended core purpose and aim: to support children and young people aged 5-18 to maintain positive emotional, social, mental health and wellbeing through effective prevention and promotion of strategies via the Bloom consultation.

Why the refresh?

In the lead up to the review Bloom had become overwhelmed with high numbers of referrals asking for help and support for very complex children in need of a more specialist response. With the introduction of a more robust triage process, these children can be safely redirected to the most appropriate interventions allowing Bloom to return to providing; a safe space for professionals and creating an environment that brings wider systems together, working in partnership to support those children and young people in need of early help and support. A model that empowers children, young people and families to find the best ways of supporting childhood mental health and wellbeing. This collaboration sees CAMHS Primary Mental Health Practitioners, CAMHS Psychologists and Headstart leading the consultation panel of service area specialists, facilitating solution focused conversations that look to draw on and build on the strength and resilience of families to effect change.

Moving forward, the children and young people considered appropriate for a BLOOM discussion will sit within the Getting Advice (those who need advice and signposting) and the Getting Help (those who need focused goals-based input) quadrants of I THRIVE. It is unlikely that these children will be known too or have been open to services previously. The children and young people that will benefit the most from BLOOM are those beginning to present with some difficulties which are likely being noticed by parents, school staff, school nursing team, family workers and GP’s, and will be impacting on their emotional, social, mental health and wellbeing.

Further information on iThrive 

New referral form / resources

We would therefore like to invite you to start using the new resources and the referral form to submit all future referrals to BLOOM. Please ensure when completing the form that you do so as fully as possible to prevent any delays in processing the request, we also recommend completing it with input from the child, young person and family where possible (this is considered good practice). It’s important to hold in mind, that whilst you may refer to request a BLOOM consultation, all referrals are screened by the CAMHS ACCESS TEAM, and they will base the outcome of the request on the needs of the child, acting in their best interests; this could mean that they might consider and/or signposted the child or young person to other parts of the service or voluntary community sector.

Referral Form

Download an interactive referral form

(Complete on screen and press submit at the bottom of the form)

This referral form is supported by a suite of resources all designed to help the reader better understand the function and purpose of BLOOM and how it can support in improving outcomes for children, young people and their families. These resources inclusive of leaflets (for children, young people, parents and professionals) and a handbook created for professionals have been designed to support everyone’s understanding of BLOOM and how referring into this offer might support improved outcomes for children, young people and their families and promote better emotional, mental, social health and wellbeing.


Bloom Professionals Handbook

Bloom Professionals Leaflet

Bloom for Parents and Carers Leaflet

Bloom for C&YP Leaflet

Referral Form

Information about IThrive

Page last updated: 9 May 2024

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