Building resilience
and mental wellbeing for children and young people

Student friendly version of the WMF results

We've created a resource for students to explore the Wellbeing Measurement Framework. 


Notes this resource was created while the WMF was in use as part of the Headstart Kernow evaluation. If you are using the WMF post Headstart - the resource will still be of use.

The resource can be used to:

  • engage students who are about to do tthe survey 
  • allow students to understand and explore the results in your school and engage them in working with you to improve wellbeing in the whole school community 

We can send a print copy of the resource or you can download it here:



Introduction for school staff

Introduction for students 


The Big Picture  -discussion based on some findings from the WMF for all Headstart Areas since 2017

(1. Emotional and behavioural difficulties; 2. Does mental health affect how well you do in school?; 3 Handling problems and difficult situations) 

Comparing 2019 results for Your School / Cornwall (using 7 of the 17 result areas) 


Activity ideas  (all) 

Exploring 'School Support' 

What is 'positive wellbeing'? 


5 Ways to Wellbeing 


Blank RAG results spread sheet (1 page)  (Editable version in posters file)

Posters (Powerpoint file) to share your school results 

Slides (Powerpoint file) to share results in presentations 


WMF for Students - additional resources

Introduction to the Wellbeing Measurement Framework (pdf) 

Simple list of the items included in the WMF (pdf) 

Crib sheet for school staff administering the survey 

Quickstart guide to exploring the WMF reports





Page last updated: 26 April 2023

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