Health and Wellbeing Partnership: Activities for families

Here in Cornwall we are lucky to be surrounded by such a diverse landscape. Whether you have an affinity with the sea, the woodlands or our wild moorlands there are a wide range of amazing blue and green spaces providing us opportunities to connect with our wild and plant life rich environments. The best thing is we don’t have to travel far, there is magic and wonder to be found right outside our own front doors. This seasons booklet is a nod to spring, an exciting time of regeneration and renewal, when nature begins to wake and landscapes transform before our very eyes.

As this booklet will show, we don’t have to go far to look for and experience the wonders of nature, we can find it in our own gardens which are great places to connect with the wildlife rich environment that surrounds us. There’s so much for you to do on your doorstep and see outside your window.

So, as spring is now in full swing, and we return back to school and work we can start to embrace and enjoy the outside spaces around us and watch as new life blossoms in the hedgerows, forests, moorlands and across our coastline. Welcoming the arrival of longer days he days, vibrant wildflowers, the sound of birdsong and the smells of freshly cut grass.

We know that the past year has been a challenge for many. There are days when it can be tough to find the energy needed to keep you and your family emotionally strong and resilient. We all have days when we feel ‘less than’ and that’s ok. What helps us to all feel nurtured is to be connected to those around us who provide love, care and support and to be connected to our environment.

In this booklet there are a number of low cost or no cost activities to help you do that as well as spark your creativity and inner conservationist.

Together for Families is proud to present this spring’s new activity booklet ‘Step in to Spring’. Produced by Headstart Kernow and partners of the Health and Wellbeing Activities Group, ENJOY…..



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