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Start Now Website & Online Wellbeing Action Plan 

The Start Now website and the Online Wellbeing Action Plan have both been creted by Young People involved in Headstart Youth 

Transition Mission

Transition Mission has been created by a group of YP working with the Headstart Youth Facilitiators and Young People Cornwall at The House in St Austell. Started in the time before the lockdown, it was intended for perhaps a different transition. 

Free hard copies will be made available to all schools and other colleagues such as family workers etc. (by request of the young people themselves) - Contact us if you'd like to order / know more. 

Download a copy of MIssion Transition 

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What is Start Now?

Start Now Poster 

Start Now Poster (with space to add own information)  for YP

Start Now Funding / Match funding Application form


Free Resources (Hard Copies)

Order free Start Now resources:

  • It's OK not to be OK postcard 
  • Connect Postcard 
  • 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... simple calming exercise (pocket size z card)

Take Five... Ways to Wellbeing Competition

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Its Ok postcard frontIts OK postcard back