WSA Indentifying Need & Monitoring Impact

Key question: How does the school or college assess the needs of students and the impact of interventions to improve wellbeing?

The school monitors the needs of students and monitors impact of wellbeing interventions by

  • using appropriate validated tools (e.g. Boxall Profile, SHEU, WMF, PASS, Motional etc.) 
  • using tools like 'I wish my teacher knew...'

Six Litmus Tests (Pooky Knightsmith)

(4) We Recognise and Support Our Most Vulnerable Learners

Learners can be vulnerable for a whole range of reasons, I invite you to think about how you can recognise and support vulnerable learners in every shape and form. Sometimes it’s the students you least expect who most need some additional support.

Litmus Test quick self-reflection tool

Prompts and Resources

I Wish my teacher knew...

Measurement Tools

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