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HeadStart Kernow Parent Online Resilience Tools

We are delighted to present a suite of resources to support parents and carers deal with online resilience. Whilst developing the Online Resilience Toolkit for professionals we have had a lot of feedback from participants stating that it would be valuable to have information and resources aimed specifically at parents. We appreciate that parents are at the forefront of this challenge and often feel they have limited confidence and competence to understand and talk to their children about this issue.

These simple parent resources and associated podcasts have been developed to make the tool more accessible to the parent audience. We want to help parents to understand the challenges of the online world, put behaviour into age appropriate context and also to help them open up a meaningful conversation with confidence. 

A PDF Resource and Podcast for each age group can be found below:


PDF Versions of the Parent Tools 


Your Child Aged 0 - 5 PDF

Your Child Aged 6 - 8 PDF

Your Child Aged 9 - 12 PDF

Your Child Aged 13 - 15 PDF

Your Child Aged 16 - 18 PDF



Podcast for each age group:








Page last updated: 23 June 2021

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