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  • All about me
  • My self portrait
  • My best bits
  • A sea of me
  • My goals and dreams map
  • A thing that makes me unique is…
  • A thing that makes me magic is…
  • Stuff I love about me
  • Brilliant Me
  • Fly your own flag
  • All about me… favourite senses
  • All about me… favourite things

These activities designed to help children become aware of their uniqueness, strengths, and interests, to improve self-esteem, explore who they are and their place in their world and support them to develop healthy relationships.

By exploring 'All About Me' we are able to remind children of their uniqueness and the things about them that make them who they are.

It can be a powerful reminder:

  • that they matter
  • that they have strengths and skills to bring to the school / class community
  • that they Belong!

The 'All About Me' activities are reflective. At first it may be difficult for some children to recognise their skills and strengths. With positive support and encouragement they can become more able to do so. 

Affirmations and tokens that refer to specific strengths, skills and successes can be tangible reminders and give them a boost if they are feeling low. 

The ‘All about me’ activities include:

  • exploring and remembering favourite things and positive experiences
  • the skills and strengths they already have
  • positive affirmations for times when they need a reminder
  • things they hope to achieve

Additional Activities

Puzzle templates - all the things that make me me.


Ruby and the Rubbish Bin - A Story for Children with Low Self-Esteem -Margot Sunderland

Helping Children with Low Self-Esteem: A Guidebook

The guide book has activities and information to to support the use of the storybook with 

Gilly the Giraffe - Karen Treisman

This activity book developed by expert child psychologist Dr Karen Treisman combines a colourfully illustrated therapeutic story about Gilly the Giraffe to help start conversations, which is followed by a wealth of creative activities for children to explore and build upon some of the ideas raised in the story, and beyond!

The activities are accompanied by extensive advice and practical strategies for parents, carers and professionals on how to help children aged 5-10 boost their self-esteem and confidence.

Strength cards etc

puzzle templates - all the things that make me me.


ELSA / WHSC / freebies

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