Building resilience
and mental wellbeing for children and young people

Series 1 - Support for parents during the pandemic

Please see below the links to workshops and aligning resources for our first series that was created in 2021.  Together with Subject Experts our panel discuss a variety of topics to support and provide information for parents and carers.

1. Introductory session: An Introduction to the parents & carers to the wellbeing series. 
Video of the session

2. Supporting Parents/Carers and Children Emotionally 
Video of the session
Window of tolerance 
Fact sheet 1 - Fact sheet 2 - Fact sheet 3 - Fact sheet 4 - Fact sheet 5



3. Dad Pad – The role of fathers and male role models in the care of children. How to engage dad’s/male carers
Video of the session
The essential guide for new dads

4. Practical help and support for parenting during this challenging time: navigating local services / who does what?
Video of the session

5. Supporting families through transition
Video of the session

6. Healthy Relationships: Promoting positive healthy relationships including during times of challenge
Video of the session
Promoting positive healthy relationships PowerPoint

7. Online safety / social media: How to stay safe in the virtual world / Online resilience tool
Video of the session
Parent Digital Offer : Headstart Kernow

8. Exploitation: See (CE) the signs campaign  
Video of the session

9. Why self-care is important in maintaining good emotional health and wellbeing
Video of the session

10. Loss and Grief: Supporting Communication and Connection 
Video of the session
Resources for supporting bereaved children
Supporting children with bereavement during COVID19
Helplines and online emotional support for children
Teens leaflet 
Greif and loss

11. How reading and storytelling reading helps parents and carers to talk, attune and bond to their children and support in the development of emotional and verbal literacy
Video of the session

12. Wellbeing and the natural world: power of Blue and Green spaces – ‘The healing power of nature’
BBC Big Bee Challenge:
Active travel- top tips to walk, scoot or bike to school:

13. Sexual Health – ‘Growing Pains, Sex and Puberty’ what is RSE?
Video of the session

14. Myth busting and support for self harm and thoughts of suicide
Video of the session

15. ‘Teen Talk, why talking with your teenager is important’; importance of language 
Teen talk powerpoint
SPACE teenage brain
StartNow website
Your Way website
Young People Cornwall
Dan Siegel You Tube video on ‘The Adolescent Brain’ 
Be a better parent by partnering with your teen | David Kozlowski 

16. ‘The impact on health and wellbeing from overuse of Drugs and Alcohol’ 
Video of the session

17. Gender identity – ‘Who am I?’
Video of the session

18. ‘Why Inclusion helps with our sense of belonging’
Video of the session

19. 'Understanding Children’s Rights’
Video of the session

20. Q&A Session 
Video of the session

Page last updated: 25 June 2024

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