Building resilience
and mental wellbeing for children and young people

Mental Health Leads Training / Support 

DfE Funded MH Lead Training 

Booking a course

The training has been ‘launched’ and you can now find Quality Assured courses to book on that will enable you to claim the DfE funding of up to £1200. The courses are organised by setting and level of experiencee of the MH Lead This can be done by: 

  1. finding and booking on a course of your choice
  2. going to the course selector -

The course selector will ask you to complete some questions to assess your level of current knowledge and what you are hoping for from a course and provide some suggestions for courses. However we’re hearing from some colleagues in Cornwall who have used the course selector that the suggestions can be quite limited.

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO USE the course selector – it is only intended as a guide. You can book any course (as long it on approved list).

Claiming the funding

The latest update is you can claim for funding for any of the approved courses starting between now and 31st March 2024

More information from the DfE here


Early years settings are not eligible for the funding.

Only state funded schools can apply 

MATS / Clusters

We understand that the funding is only available to schools individually. If MATS / Clusters want to work together it can only be at the agreement of each individual school. Some of the training providers listed below will be offering bespoke programmes for any groups that do decide to work together. 

What will the Training Cover?

The Learning outcomes for senior mental health lead training (PDF)  are closely aligned with the principles of the Whole School Approach


Additional Support 

Cornwall Wellbeing Hub / MH Leads Network

We are keen to support MH leads in schools 

We have a number of tools and resources to support a Whole School Approach

We offer a number of online / on demand courses and access to webinar recordings via the Cornwall Wellbeing Hub. 

Look out for details of Network Meetings - a change to network and share good practice


Anna Freud Centre - Schools in Mind Network

Schools in Mind is a free network for education professionals with resources / training. Worth getting the newsletter 

Innovating Minds / Edupod

An interesting take on support for MH Leads. 

EduPod is online tool for mental health leads to plan, manage and evaluate their journey to creating happy and mentally healthy environments for the whole school community. They have come up with a MH Leads training offer linked to the tool.

Page last updated: 17 April 2023

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