Whole School Approach - Audit Tools 

Here we provide information on / access to a range of audit tools we hope will meet a range of needs and support individual schools. We believe in an asset-based approach to audit - enabling you and the school community to recognise and celebrate what's in place and working well already... They include: 

A  quick and easy 'Litmus Test' 

(using the one created by Dr Pooky Knightsmith in the Mentally Healthy Schools Workbook

Six Questions, 'gut reactions', on a scale of 1 to 10 and an opportunity to quickly engage and involve stakeholder groups - C&YP, staff, parents, governors et al that will help identify strengths and areas to focus on. and identify where the priorities of different stakeholders are. Plus an option to print a summary report saved each time you do it.  

Rapid Self-assessment

Slightly more in-depth that the Litmus Test focusing on some specific aspects of the PHE priniciples and created with Cornwall in mind. With a summary report saved each tiime.

SWAN Reflective Tool

Supportive, Welcoming, Altogether, Nurturing using a Graduated Response. 

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Other tools that may be of interest

Reflect on your setting’s existing approach to mental health and wellbeing - you can use: