Call to Action 

 IMPACTS is a ‘Call to Action’ for all school staff about making sure they have the knowledge, and more importantly the understanding, to care about individuals and be able to give a basic intervention that may just have the power to save an individual at school…

  •  ‘It's OK not be OK’ is not enough to make an IMPACT
  •  Early intervention will have the greatest IMPACT
  •  Trusting Relationships, with emotionally available adults, have an IMPACT
  •  It doesn’t have to take Time to make an IMPACT
  •  The Whole School needs to be involved if we’re going to make an IMPACT
  •  You don’t need a master’s in psychology to make an IMPACT
  •  Positive Praise has an IMPACT
  •  ‘Being Curious’ about behaviour “Why is this student…?” makes an IMPACT
  •  Ensuring IMPACTS is visible in school will make an IMPACT

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