Building resilience
and mental wellbeing for children and young people

A quick introduction to THRIVE

It is worth being aware of THRIVE in the context of a Whole School Approach to C&YP’s emotional wellbeing and mental health. 

Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly is an i-THRIVE community of practice site implementing THRIVE and contributing to learning nationally.


What is THRIVE?

THRIVE refers to the framework for delivering improved children’s mental health.

What is i-THRIVE?

i-THRIVE refers to the implementation of THRIVE. It is the mechanism to deliver a population/whole-system approach to promote “thriving”, and seeks to improve services for children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing.

The THRIVE Model

The thrive approach places emphasis on prevention and early intervention. It aims to talk about mental health and mental health support using a common language that everyone understands. The framework is needs-led, whereby mental health needs are defined by young people and families in partnership with professionals. Needs are not based on severity, diagnosis or health care pathways.


The Thrive Model

IThrive Animation

An excellent co-produced introduction. 


More information

The one page THRIVE ‘Pixar Pitch’ is an excellent short summary

More detail can be found in an accessible summary document: Wolpert, M., Harris, R., Hodges, S., Fuggle, P., James, R., Wiener, A., Munk, S. (2019). THRIVE Framework for system change. London: CAMHS Press

Page last updated: 26 April 2023

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