Building resilience
and mental wellbeing for children and young people

Governors and a Whole School Approach

The support of Governors is fundamental to the success of a WSA and the effectiveness of the mental health lead role.

The role of the Governors in a WSA

Questions to reflect on

  • Is our school "filled with safety and belonging" 
  • Is our school a listening school?
  • How aware is the school community of the importance of promoting good mental health?
  • Do we have a mental health policy?
  • Is mental health a part of our curriculum, e.g. in PSHE?
  • Have staff been trained to recognise and respond to mental health issues?
  • Do staff know who to refer mental health concerns on to?
  • Have we usefully pooled our knowledge of local support and services?
  • Have we considered how best to work with parents and the wider community?
  • Are we meeting the emotional wellbeing needs of staff?

(taken from a longer article by Dr Pooky Knightsmith on the NGA website)

A further article on the NGA website looks at the links between pupil wellbeing and attainment and achievement. (accessible to NGA members only) 

Training for Governors 

Check out the Cornwall Wellbeing Hub online webinars 

All school staff / governors have full and free access to the all of the online on-demand training / live learning and resources on Dr Pooky Knightsmith's Creative Education Platform until December 2022

A new elearning course for governors intended to complement the emergent DfE MH Leads Training is available from the Carnegie Centre for Mental Health at Leeds Beckett university. It is intended to support governors to take a strategic approach to supporting mental health and wellbeing in school. 

Page last updated: 1 November 2021

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